Current Entrepreneur

John Marcum, Owner

Cherry Ridge Wood Products

(606) 875-0172

Program Goals

1.   To develop a training program for Kentucky wood product entrepreneurs at the UK-RCARS Wood Utilization Center that includes product design & development, manufacturing, business management, one-on-one technical assistance, mentoring, and marketing.


2. Structure the use of the Wood Center to minimize the start up risk to new entrepreneurs. 


3. Potentially provide living space at a low cost to reduce travel expenditures for entrepreneurs living a long distance from Quicksand


4. To work closely with financial lending institutions to identify and support promising new entrepreneurs.


How does this program work?

An individual or group of individuals interested in designing and making wood products for marketing purposes can apply for the UK Wood Products Entrepreneur Program conducted at the RCARS Wood Utilization Center. New entrepreneurs selected for this program receive mentoring in product design, machinery operation, business planning, marketing and financing. Start-up risks for new entrepreneurs often include; initial capital outlay for space, equipment and utilities.  Minimizing these cost allows the new entrepreneur an opportunity to invest limited resources into raw materials, labor and marketing. Once the entrepreneur’s business has enough cash flow to secure its own space and equipment, the business graduates from the program and re-locates.  The Advisory Committee will play a role in making this determination.


How does this program benefit the entrepreneur?

  • By providing free space and access to equipment at no charge until sales dictate enough cash flow to support the business on its own.


  • By providing continuous on-site technical support.


  • By helping the entrepreneur network with potential marketing and financial contacts.